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Channel Name Value Packages Starter Packages Channel #
TVO Basic Basic 2
Global Basic Basic 3
Omni1 Basic Basic 4
CBC News Network Basic Canadian News 5
CBLT (CBC - Toronto) Basic Basic 6
CITY (Toronto) Basic Basic 7
CBS Buffalo (WIVB) Basic Basic 8
ABC Buffalo (WKBW) Basic Basic 9
ICI Radio-Canada Tele Toronto Basic Basic 10
TSC Basic Shopping 11
CHCH Basic Basic 12
Sportsnet 360 Basic Sportsnet Plus 13
CABLE 14 Basic Basic 14
YTV Basic Tween Entertainment 15
CTV Toronto (CFTO) Basic Basic 16
TV LISTINGS Basic Basic 17
CTV2 Toronto Basic Basic 18
BRAVO Basic Entertainment 19
OMNI 2 Basic Basic 20
FOX Buffalo (WUTV) Basic Basic 21
PBS Buffalo (WNED) Basic Basic 22
CNN Tier 1 US News 23
FOX SPORTS RACING Tier 1 Adventure 24
TELELATINO Tier 1 variety
TLC Tier 1 Lifestyle 26
SPORTSNET ONTARIO Tier 1 Sportsnet Plus 27
A&E Tier 1 Entertainment 28
W Network Tier 1 Lifestyle 29
TSN 4 Tier 1 TSN Plus 30
SPIKE Tier 1 Adventure 31
SPACE Tier 1 Drama & Comedy 32
HLN Tier 1 US News 33
CTV2 London Basic Basic 34
YES TV Basic Basic 35
VISION Basic Classic tv & movies
HISTORY Tier 2 Science & History 37
FAMILY Tier 2 Tween Entertainment 38
WPCH Tier 2 Classic TV & Movies 39
DISCOVERY Tier 2 Science & History 40
SLICE Tier 2 Variety 41
HGTV Tier 2 Variety 42
TELETOON Tier 2 Tween Entertainment 43
SHOWCASE Tier 2 Entertainment 44
AMC Tier 2 Drama & Comedy 45
OLN Basic Adventure 46
Basic Music & Entertainment 48
MUCHMUSIC Basic Music & Entertainment 49
TREEHOUSE Basic Kids Entertainment 50
CTV NEWS Basic Canadian News 51
CP24 Basic Canadian News 52
CMT Basic Entertainment 53
COMEDY Basic Drama & Comedy 54
APTN Basic Basic 55
DTOUR Basic Lifestyle 56
NBC Buffalo (WGRZ) Basic Basic 57
CW 23 (WNLO) Buffalo) Basic US Timeshifting 58
MY Network (WNYO) Buffalo Basic US Timeshifting 59
Hope TV Basic Canadian Timeshifting & Spirital
Joy TV Basic Canadian Timeshifting 61
Tele-Quebec (CIVM) SD Basic Canadian Timeshifting 62
V Montreal SD Basic Canadian Timeshifting 63
TV5 Basic basic 64
UNIS Basic Basic 65
AMI-TELE Basic Basic 66
CPACF Basic Basic 69
CPAC Basic Basic 70
CBC St. John's (CBNT) Basic Canadian TimeshiFting 71
CITY Montreal Basic Canadian Timeshifting 72
Global Calgary (CICT) Basic Canadian TimeshiFting 75
CBC Calgary (CBRT) Basic Canadian Timeshifting 76
CITY Calgary Basic Canadian Timeshifting 77
CTV Calgary (CTVCA) Basic Canadian Timeshifting 78
OMNI BC Basic Canadian Timeshifting 79
TVA Basic Basic 96
TFO Basic Basic 97
Your World This Week SD Basic Basic 100
Viceland Basic Entertainment 101
Deals TV SD Basic Shopping 102
Real Estate (GTA) Basic Shopping 103
TCM Basic Classic TV & Movies 107
CKCO-CTV SW Ontario Basic Basic 109
AMI Audio Basic Basic 110
AMI TV Basic Basic 111
ICI RDI Basic Basic 112
TSN1 Tier 1 TSN Plus 113
TSN 2 Tier 1 TSN Plus 114
TSN 3 Tier 1 TSN Plus 115
TSN 5 Tier 1 TSN Plus 116
SPORTSNET EAST Tier 1 Sportsnet Plus 117
SPORTSNET WEST Tier 1 Sportsnet Plus 118
SPORTSNET PACIFIC Tier 1 Sportsnet Plus 119
Sportsnet Plus 120
NFL NETWORK basic League Sports 121
GAME TV basic Contests & Gameshows 122
DAYSTAR Basic Spiritual 123
CARTOON NETWORK Basic Tween Entertainment 124
FAMILY JR tier 2 Kids Entertainment 125
CHRGD tier 2 Kids Entertainment 126
TLN West Timeshift
Comedy W timeshift drama & comedy
W Network W timeshift lifestyle
YTV West timeshift tween entertainment
CJON NTV St. John's NFLd timeshift Canadian Timeshifting 131
CBHT CBC Halifax Timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 132
ASN CTV2 Halifax timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 133
CJCH (ATV) CTV Halifax timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 134
CKND Global Winnipeg timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 135
CKY CTV Winnipeg timeshift Canadian Timeshifting 136
CITV Global Edmonton timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 137
CKVU City TV Vancouver Timeshift Canadian Timeshifting 138
BC CTV Vancouver timeshift
Canadian Timeshifting 139
CHAN Global Vancover timeshift Canadian Timeshifting 140
CBUT CBC Vancouver timeshift Canadian Timeshifting 141
KOMO ABC Seattle timeshift US Timeshifting 142
KIRO CBS Seattle timeshift US Timeshifting 143
KING NBC Seattle timeshift
US Timeshifting 144
KCPQ FOX Seattle timeshift
US Timeshifting 145
KCTS PBS Seattle timeshift US Timeshifting 146
TELETOON W timeshift variety
FAMILY W timeshift  tween entertainment
DISNEY CHANNEL tier 2 Tween Entertainment 149
DISNEY JR tier 2 Kids Entertainment 150
DIsNEY XD tier 2 Kids Entertainment 151
DISNEY CHANNEL HD tier 2 Tween Entertainment 152
DISNEY JR HD tier 2 Kids Entertainment 153
DISNEY Xd HD tier 2 Kids Entertainment 154


Family Kids Entertainment 155
BBC Kids Family Kids Entertainment 156
Animal Planet Family Nature & Wildlife 157
National Geographic Channel Family nature & wildlife 158
Pet Network Family Nature & Wildlife 159
Game Show Network Family Contests & Gameshows 160
Comedy Gold Family Classic TV & Movies 161
DejaView Family Classic TV & Movies 162
Makeful Family Lifestyle 163
ABC Spark Family Tween Entertainment 164
RT (Russia Today) News & Info International News 166
Al Jazeera English News & Info International News 167
CCTV - News News & Info International News 168
EuroNews News & Info International News 169
Discovery Science News & Info Science & History 170
American Heroes Channel News & Info Science & History 171
G4 Tech TV News & Info Contests & Gameshows 173
CNBC News & Info US News 175
MSNBC News & Info US News 176
FOX News Channel News & Info US News 177
Business News Network News & Info Canadian News 178
Bloomberg TV Canada News & Info Canadian News 179
BBC World News News & Info International News 180
Deutsche Welle News & Info International News 181
CNN International News & Info International News 182
MLB Network Sports League Sports 184
Leafs TV Sports League Sports 185
FNTSY Sports Network Sports League Sports 186
NBA TV Canada Sports League Sports 187
Golf Channel Sports Sportsnet Plus 188
World Fishing Network Sports Adventure 189
Fight Network Sports Adventure 191
Wild TV Sports Adventure 192
Euroworld Sport Sports TSN Plus 193
ESPN Classic Sports TSN Plus 194
HPItv Sports  standalone 195
HPItv Odds Sports  standalone 196
RDS Sports standalone 197
Big Ten Network Sports TSN Plus 198
CBS Sports Network Sports TSN Plus 199
Stingray Loud Music Special Interest 200
stingray Vibe Music Special Interest 201
Stingray Retro Music Special Interest 202
stingray Juicebox Music Kids Entertainment 203
MTV2 Music Music & Entertainment 204
Aux Music Special Interest 206
Black Entertainment Television Music Music & Entertainment 207
MTV Music Music & Entertainment 208
CosmopolitanTV Lifestyles Lifestyle 214
Eternal Word Television Network Lifestyles Spiritual 215
Fashion Television Lifestyles Special Interest 216
One: Body, Mind, Spirit, Love Lifestyles Special Interest 217
T+E Lifestyles Adventure 218
fyi Lifestyles Variety 219
Food Network Lifestyles Variety 220
DIY Network Lifestyles Variety 221
H2 Lifestyles Science & History 222
OWN Lifestyles Lifestyle 223
OUTtv Lifestyles Variety 224
Action Movies Drama & Comedy 230
Lifetime Movies Drama & Comedy 231
IFC Movies Special Interest 232
Rewind Movies Classic TV & Movies 233
Silver Screen Classics Movies Classic TV & Movies 234
Sundance Channel Movies Drama & Comedy 235
MovieTime Movies Drama & Comedy 236
W Movies Movies Lifestyle 237
FX Canada Movies Drama & Comedy 238
E! Variety Lifestyle 245
Documentary Variety Drama & Comedy 247
Crime + Investigation Variety Variety 248
BookTelevision Variety Special Interest 249
BBC Canada Variety Adventure 250
Investigation Discovery Variety Variety 251
Cottage Life Variety Variety 252
Nat Geo Wild Variety Nature & Wildlife 253
Canal Vie French standalone 280
Historia French Divertissement 281
Series+ French Divertissement 282
Le Canal Nouvelles French standalone
Canal D French Divertissement 284
Ztele French Divertissement 285
Evasion French standalone
Teletoon French French Divertissement 287
MusiquePlus French Jeunesse 288
Max French Jeunesse 289
Ici ARTV French standalone
Yoopa French jeunesse
HBO Canada Premium Premium
Premium premium
tmn 2 Premium premium
tmn 3 Premium  premium 303
TMn 4 Premium  premium 304
TMN Encore Premium  premium 305
TMN Encore 2 Premium  premium 306
TMN On Demand Premium  premium 308
TMN Encore On Demand Premium  premium 309
WSBK (MyNetworkTV - Boston) Premium  premium 315
WPIX (CW - New York) Premium  premium 316
KTLA (CW - Los Angeles) Premium  premium 317
WWOR (MyNetworkTV) Premium  premium 318
WGN (CW - Chicago) Premium premium
Super Channel 1 Premium premium
Super Channel 2 Premium premium
Super Channel 3 Premium premium
Super Channel 4 Premium premium
Super Channel On Demand Premium premium
Super Ecran Premium premium
Salt & Light Premium Spiritual 330
Baby TV Premium premium
BabyFirst TV Premium  premium 332
Pay-Per-View Preview Channel Basic Basic 400
Pay-Per-View PPV  premium 401
Pay-Per-View PPV premium
Pay-Per-View HD PPV premium
Pay-Per-View HD PPV  premium 413
Vivid TV Adult premium
Playboy TV Adult  premium 420
Exxxtasy TV Adult premium
AOV Adult Movie Channel Adult  premium 422
AOV Action Clips Channel Adult  premium 423
AOV Maleflixxx Television Adult premium
TVA Sports Premium standalone
TVA Sports 2 Premium standalone 426
beIN Sports Premium  premium 427
WWE Network Premium premium
Sportsnet World Premium premium

NFL Redzone &

TVA Sports 3

Premium standalone 430
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 432
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 433
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 434
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 439
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 440
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 441
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 442
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 445
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 447
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 448
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 449
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 451
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 458
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 460
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 461
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 462
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP  ssp 465
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 475
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 478
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 484
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 485
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 486
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 487
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 488
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 489
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 490
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 491
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 492
Super Sports Pak HD SSP ssp
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 494
Super Sports Pak HD SSP  ssp 495
Univision Canada Basic  premium 500
Rai News 24 Multi Cultural Premium 501
Rai World Premium Multi Cultural Premium
Sky TG24 Multi Cultural  premium 503
Rai Italia Multi Cultural  premium 504
Mediaset Italia Multi Cultural  premium 505
CEEN Multi Cultural  premium 506
ATN Multi Cultural premium
Aapka Colors Multi Cultural premium
ATN Sony TV Multi Cultural  premium 512
Zee TV Canada Multi Cultural  premium 513
ATN Cricket Plus Multi Cultural premium
Fairchild West Multi Cultural premium
Fairchild 2 Multi Cultural  premium 516
Talentvision Multi Cultural premium
Filipino TV Multi Cultural premium
GMA Pinoy TV Multi Cultural premium
FPTV Multi Cultural premium
Globo International (Brazil) Multi Cultural premium
Odyssey Television Network Multi Cultural premium
Deutsche Welle Amerika Multi Cultural premium
TV Polonia Multi Cultural premium
TV Japan Multi Cultural premium
Your World This Week HD Basic Basic 600
Viceland HD Basic Entertainment 601
Deals TV HD Basic Shopping 602
City Vancouver HD Timeshift CAnadian Timeshifting
CTV Vancouver HD Timeshift CAnadian Timeshifting 639
Global Vancouver HD Timeshift CAnadian Timeshifting 640
CBC Vancouver HD Timeshift CAnadian Timeshifting 641
KOMO (ABC - Seattle) hd
timeshift US Timeshifting 642
KIRO (CBS - Seattle) hd
US Timeshifting 643
KING (NBC - Seattle) hd
timeshift US Timeshifting 644
KCPQ (FOX - Tacoma) hd
timeshift US Timeshifting 645

Stingray - Ambiance


Basic  stingray Plus
ICI Radio-Canada Tele Toronto HD
Basic Basic 701
TVO Toronto HD
Basic Basic 702
Global Toronto HD
Basic Basic 703
Omni1 Toronto hd
Basic Basic 704
Omni2 Toronto hd
Basic Basic 705
CBLT (CBC - Toronto) Hd
Basic Basic 706
CITY Toronto hd
Basic Basic 707
CTV Toronto (CFTO) hd
Basic Basic 708
CTV Two Toronto hd Basic Basic 709
Yes hd
Basic Basic 710
The Shopping Channel hd
Basic Shopping 711
CHCH Hamilton hd
Basic Basic 712
The Weather Network hd
Basic Basic 713
Cable 14 hd
Basic Basic 714
CBC News Network hd
Basic Canadian News 715
CP24 hd
Basic Canadian News 716
CTV News Channel hd
Basic Canadian News 717
Telelatino hd
Tier 1  variety 719
ABC Detroit (WXYZ) hd
Basic Basic 720
CBS Detroit (WWJ) hd
Basic Basic 721
FOX Detroit (WJBK) hd
Basic Basic 722
NBC Detroit (WDIV) hd
Basic Basic 723
PBS Buffalo (WNED) hd
Basic Basic 724
YTV hd
Basic Tween Entertainment 730
Treehouse hd
Basic Kids Entertainment 731
Family hd
Tier 2 Tween Entertainment 732
Teletoon hd
Tier 2 Tween Entertainment 733
Family JR hd
tier 2 Kids Entertainment 734
tier 2 Kids Entertainment 735
Nickelodeon hd
Family Kids Entertainment 736
ABC Spark hd
Family Tween Entertainment 737
Comedy Network hd
Basic Drama & Comedy 738
Slice hd
Tier 2 Variety 739
Bravo hd
Basic Entertainment 740
Basic Basic 741
Turner Classic Movies hd
basic Classic TV & Movies 742
W Network hd
Tier 1 Lifestyle 743
Spike hd
Tier 1 Adventure 744
Space hd
Tier 1 Drama & Comedy 745
History hd
Tier 2 Science & History 746
WPCH (Peachtree TV - Atlanta) hd
Tier 2 Classic TV & Movies 747
Discovery Channel hd
Tier 2 Science & History 748
Tier 2 Variety 749
Showcase hd
Tier 2 Entertainment 750
Investigation Discovery hd
Variety Variety 751
Animal Planet  hd
Family Nature & Wildlife 752
Discovery Science hd
News & Info Science & History 753
Cottage Life hd
Variety Variety 754
DIY (coming soon) hd
Lifestyles Variety 755
Cosmopolitan TV hd
Lifestyles Lifestyle 756
T + E hd
Lifestyles Adventure 757
H2 hd
Lifestyles Science & History 758
OWN hd
Lifestyles Lifestyle 759
Documentary hd
Variety Drama & Comedy 760
Lifetime hd
Movies Drama & Comedy 761
W Movies hd
Movies Lifestyle 762
DTour  hd
Basic Lifestyle 763
Variety Lifestyle 764
OUTtv hd
Lifestyles Variety 765
MuchMusic hd
Basic Music & Entertainment 766
Aux hd
MUSIC Special Interest 767
GUSTO HD Basic Music & Entertainment 768
CMT HD Basic Entertainment 769
CNN HD Tier 1 US News 770
HLN HD Tier 1 US News 771
Business News Network HD News & Info Canadian News 772
Bloomberg HD News & Info Canadian News 773
C&I (coming soon) hd
Variety Variety 774
News & Info US News 775
BBC World News HD News & Info International News 776
TSN 1 HD Tier 1 TSN Plus 777
TSN 2 HD Tier 1 TSN Plus 778
TSN 3 HD Tier 1 TSN Plus 779
TSN 4 HD Tier 1 TSN Plus 780
TSN 5 HD Tier 1 TSN Plus 781
Sportsnet 360 HD Basic Sportsnet Plus 782
Fox Sports Racing Tier 1 Adventure 783
OLN HD Basic Adventure 784
World Fishing Network HD Sports Adventure 785
Wild TV HD Sports Adventure 786
Fight Network HD Sports Adventure 787
FNTSY Sports Network Sports League Sports 788
NFL Network HD Sports League Sports 789
RDS HD Sports Sports French 790
Game Show Network HD Family Contests & Gameshows 791
Sundance Channel HD Movies Drama & Comedy 792
Rewind HD Movies Classic TV & Movies 793
Action HD Movies Drama & Comedy 794
TV5 HD Basic Basic 795
TVA HD Basic Basic 796
TFO HD Basic Basic 797
ICI RDI Basic Basic 798
Sportsnews HD Basic Basic 799
HBO Canada HD Premium Premium
Tmn 1 HD Premium  Premium 801
tmn 2 HD Premium  Premium 802
tmn 3 HD Premium  Premium 803
tmn 4 HD Premium  Premium 804
The Movie Network Encore HD Premium  Premium 805
The Movie Network Encore 2 HD Premium Premium
Super Channel HD 1 Premium  Premium 807
Super Channel HD 2 Premium Premium
Super Channel HD 3 Premium  Premium 809
Super Channel HD 4 Premium  Premium 810
WSBK-DT (MyNetworkTV - Boston) HD Pack Premium
WPIX-DT (CW - New York) HD Pack Premium
KTLA-DT (CW - Los Angeles) HD Pack  Premium 817
WWOR-DT (MyNetworkTV - Secaucus) HD Pack Premium
WGN-DT (CW - Chicago) HD Pack Premium
Discovery Velocity HD Pack Adventure 820
A&E HD HD Pack Entertainment 821
TLC HD HD Pack Lifestyle 823
AMC HD HD Pack Drama & Comedy 824
Cartoon Network HD HD Pack Tween Entertainment 825
MovieTime HD HD Pack Drama & Comedy 826
NASA HD HD Pack Science & History 828
National Geographic Channel HD HD Pack Science & History 829
Nat Geo Wild HD HD Pack Nature & Wildlife 830
Food Network HD HD Pack Variety 831
Hollywood Suite 70s Movies HD Pack Premium
Hollywood Suite 80s Movies HD Pack  Premium 841
Hollywood Suite 90s Movies HD Pack  Premium 842
Hollywood Suite 2000s Movies HD Pack  Premium 843
FX Canada HD HD Pack Drama & Comedy 844
FXX HD HD Pack Drama & Comedy 845
Sportsnet East HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 846
Sportsnet West HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 847
Sportsnet Pacific HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 848
Sportsnet World HD Premium  Premium 849
Sportsnet Ontario HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 850
Sportsnet One HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 851
NBA TV Canada HD HD Pack League Sports 852
Leafs TV HD Premium League Sports 853
Golf Channel HD HD Pack Sportsnet Plus 854
CBS Sports Network HD HD Pack TSN Plus 855
Big Ten Network HD HD Pack TSN Plus 856
MLB Network H D HD Pack League Sports 857
Smithsonian Channel HD Pack Science & History 860
radX HD Pack Adventure 861
Love Nature HD Pack Nature & Wildlife 862
HIFI HD Pack Entertainment 863
AXS TV HD Pack  Music & Entertainment
MTV HD HD Pack Music & Entertainment 865
Tele Quebec (CIVM) HD timeshift
Canadian TimeshiFting 881
V Montreal (HD) timeshift Canadian TimeshiFting 882
TVA Sports HD Premium Sports French 884
TVA Sports 2 HD Premium Sports French 885
beIN Sports HD Premium Premium
WWE Network HD Premium Premium
TVA Sports 3 (and NFL Redzone) Premium


Hit List Basic Stingray Plus 900
UK Chart Toppers basic
Stingray Plus 901
All Day Party basic Stingray Plus 902
Pop Adult basic
Stingray Plus 903
Nothin' But 90's basic
Stingray Plus 904
Rewind 80's and 90's basic
Stingray Plus 905
Remember the 80's basic
Stingray Plus 906
Flashback 70's basic
Stingray Plus 907
Revival 60's and 70's basic
Stingray Plus 908
Freedom basic Stingray Plus 909
The Light basic
Stingray Plus 910
Greatest Hits basic
Stingray Plus 911
Dance Clubbin' basic
Stingray Plus 912
Dancefloor Fillers basic Stingray Plus 913
Groove: Disco and Funk basic
Stingray Plus 914
Hip Hop basic
Stingray Plus 915
Urban basic
Stingray Plus 916
Bass Breaks and Beats basic Stingray Plus 917
Urban Beat basic
Stingray Plus 918
Eclectic Electronic basic
Stingray Plus 919
Hot Country basic
Stingray Plus 920
Country Classics basic Stingray Plus 921
Rock basic Stingray Plus 922
Rock Alternative basic
Stingray Plus 923
Classic Rock basic Stingray Plus 924
adult Alternative basic
Stingray Plus 925
Canadian Indie basic Stingray Plus 926
Indie Classics basic
Stingray Plus 927
Headbangers basic
Stingray Plus 928
Heavy Metal basic
Stingray Plus 929
Rock n' Roll basic
Stingray Plus 930
Jukebox Oldies basic
Stingray Plus 931
Easy Listening basic
Stingray Plus 932
Jammin basic
Stingray Plus 933
Soul'n R&B basic
Stingray Plus 934
Motown basic
Stingray Plus 935
Folk Roots basic
Stingray Plus 936
jazz Masters basic
Stingray Plus 937
Jazz Now basic
Stingray Plus 938
Smooth Jazz basic
Stingray Plus 939
Big Band basic
Stingray Plus 940
Kid's Stuff basic
Stingray Plus 941
The Blues basic
Stingray Plus 942
  blues basic
Stingray Plus 943
The Chill Lounge basic
Stingray Plus 944
Chillout basic
Stingray Plus 945
Nature basic
Stingray Plus 946
The Spa basic
Stingray Plus 947
New Age basic
Stingray Plus 948
Chamber Music basic
Stingray Plus 949
Classic Masters basic
Stingray Plus 950
Opera Plus basic
Stingray Plus 951
Baroque basic
Stingray Plus 952
Pop Classics basic
Stingray Plus 953
Top Détente basic
Stingray Plus 954
Souvenirs basic
Stingray Plus 955
Franco Pop basic
Stingray Plus 956
Total Hits France basic
Stingray Plus 957
Chansons basic
Stingray Plus 958
Franco Attitude basic
Stingray Plus 959
Franco Country basic
Stingray Plus 960
Franco Rétro basic
Stingray Plus 961
Nostalgie basic
Stingray Plus 962
Mousses Musique basic
Stingray Plus 963
Around the World basic
Stingray Plus 964
World Carnival basic
Stingray Plus 965
Total Hits Italy basic
Stingray Plus 966
Latin basic
Stingray Plus 967
Latino Tropical basic
Stingray Plus 968
Reggaeton basic
Stingray Plus 969
salsa/Mergengue basic
Stingray Plus 970
Retro Latino basic
Stingray Plus 971
Total Hits Spain basic
Stingray Plus 972
Rock en Español basic
Stingray Plus 973
Classical India basic
Stingray Plus 974
Bollywood Hits basic
Stingray Plus 975
Hindi Gold basic
Stingray Plus 976
Punjabi basic
Stingray Plus 977
Sounds of South India basic
Stingray Plus 978
Guangdong basic
Stingray Plus 979
Mando Pop basic
Stingray Plus 980
The Asian Flavour basic
Stingray Plus 981
Samba and Pagode basic
Stingray Plus 982
Total Hits Poland basic
Stingray Plus 983
Total Hits Russia basic
Stingray Plus 984
Total Hits Germany basic Stingray Plus 985
Total Hits Austria baSic Stingray Plus 986
Kuschelsongs basic
Stingray Plus 987
Schlager basic
Stingray Plus 988
Volksmusik basic
Stingray Plus 989
Nederpop basic
Stingray Plus 990
Farsi basic
Stingray Plus 991
arabic basic
Stingray Plus 992
Turk Muzigi basic
Stingray Plus 993
Tagalog basic
Stingray Plus 994
South African Gospel basic
Stingray Plus 995
south African Traditional basic
Stingray Plus 996
South Africa Modern basic
Stingray Plus 997
Holiday Favourites basic Stingray Plus 998
Franco Fête basic
Stingray Plus 999
Global On Demand On Demand
On Demand
CHCH On Demand On Demand On Demand
YTV On Demand On Demand
On Demand
CTV On Demand  On Demand On Demand
A&E On Demand  On Demand On Demand
TSN On Demand On Demand
On Demand
Spike TV On Demand  On Demand On Demand
History On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Family Channel On Demand On Demand On Demand
Slice On Demand On Demand
On Demand
HGTV On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Showcase On Demand  On Demand On Demand
AMC On Demand On Demand
On Demand
Treehouse On Demand On Demand
On Demand
NFL Network On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Family JR On Demand On Demand
On Demand
CHRGD On Demand On Demand
On Demand
Disney Channel On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Disney JR On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Disney XD On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Hollywood Suite On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Nickeodeon On Demand  On Demand On Demand
National Geographic On Demand On Demand
On Demand
ABC Spark On Demand On Demand On Demand
Golf Channel On Demand On Demand
On Demand
BET On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Food Network On Demand On Demand
On Demand
H2 On Demand On Demand
On Demand
OWN On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Lifetime On Demand  On Demand On Demand
FX Canada On Demand On Demand
On Demand
Nat Geo Wild On Demand On Demand
On Demand
TMN/HBO On Demand On Demand
On Demand
TMN Encore On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Super Channel On Demand  On Demand On Demand
Kids Unlimited On Demand On Demand
On Demand
Ambient TV on demand On Demand On Demand
Illusion on demand  On Demand On Demand
Karaoke on demand
on demand
On Demand
Stingray Ambiance on demand
 on demand
On Demand
Stingray TVE tve
Global TVE tve
Sportsnet TVE  tve TVE
Cable 14 TVE tve
A&E TVE tve
History TVE tve TVE
Treehouse TVE tve
Disney TVE tve
Hollywood Suite TVE  tve TVE
FX Canada TVE  tve TVE
Nickelodeon TVE  tve TVE
shomi tve
 tve TVE


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