My system accidentally went into alarm, what do I do?

Enter your 4-digit user code to disarm the system then call the monitoring station.

I made a mistake entering my code to arm/disarm, help!

Simply press the # key to clear the memory and enter your code again to arm or disarm the system.

How do I change my code?

Enter * then 5 then the 4 digit ‘master code’ (the master code is user 40). Enter the user number to change, ie: 02, then enter the new 4 digit code.

How do I test my system?

Call the monitoring station and have them put your system on test (you will need your system number and pass code to do this). Arm the system using your code number and leave the premises. Wait 1 minute before entering premise. Let the entry delay expire, the siren will now sound and your telephone line will disconnect from your phones. Open and close any door or window you wish to test or walk in front of any motion detector. Once you are done testing, enter your code into the keypad. The siren will turn off and when the alarm panel has finished sending the signals to the monitoring station, your phones will work again. Call the monitoring station and verify with them that the signals that were received. Ask them to put your system back into service.

The trouble light is on my keypad. What does it mean?

Depending on the type of system you have this can mean a couple of different things. If you have an LCD keypad, then press * and 2 and follow the prompts on the keypad to self-diagnose the problem.

In the event there is a low battery indication, you will need to initiate a service call to replace the system batter. If it shows "AC Failure" please check that the system is plugged in and the outlet is powered (breaker not tripped).

If you do not have an LCD message keypad, a series of lamps will indicate the culprit.

The memory light is on. How do I clear it?

The next time the system is armed then disarmed, the memory light will clear. It just indicates that there was an alarm the last time the system was armed.

How often do I need to replace the battery?

A battery will last typically between 3 - 5 years. When the battery requires replacement or is low, the system will indicate a trouble on the keypad and will report a signal to the central monitoring station.

How can I silence the trouble beep on the keypad?

Press the # key.

The phones in my house are not working?

Unplug the alarm jack which is located beside the alarm panel. Once this is done, check your phone again. If they work now, schedule a service call. If they still do not work, please call your telephone service provider for further assistance.

When I enter my code, the system does not ‘arm’ or turn on.

The ‘ready’ light must be on to ‘arm’ the system. If it is not on there is a fault either because a protected door or window is open or someone is moving in front of a motion detector.

If you can not find the open sensor, you can use the left and right arrow keys on the keypad to locate the fault and remedy it. If the sensor reported open is not open (i.e. the window is closed), contact us for service.

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