History of Source Security Services

For 35 years Source Cable has been providing its customers with exceptional cable service. Ten years ago, our services were extended to include High Speed Internet and in 2005 Home Phone services. In 2009, we introduced Source Security Services - a residential and commercial property protection service designed to provide our customers with state-of-the-art security equipment, quick installations, same-day service and 24 hour monitored protection.

Why Security?

Well, we asked ourselves the same question.

If someone broke into our home or business, if a fire started, if our basement flooded, if a family member had a medical emergency or if carbon monoxide was leaking through our house, would we be protected? Most of us realized that we wouldn’t be. In fact, we asked our customers if they already had security systems in their homes and the majority of them said they didn’t. Protecting what matters most is a concern of everyone! As President, Dan Campbell commented, “It’s a natural fit for us. We’re already serving thousands of Hamilton residents with cable, home phone and internet and now we’re able to offer them security services as well.” The majority of home and business owners recognize the importance of personal security and have yet to take the next step in installing a customized security system. We’re here to help them make that kind of decision and we’ve got professionals on board to do it properly.

How does it work?

We operate like any other security company, installing the systems in your home or business. We provide 24/7 monitoring, which means that when your system’s triggered, we act fast! Customers can also ask to have an email notification set up that will send a message to their smart phone whenever their alarm is armed or disarmed.  This can provide comfort for parents who want to know when their children arrive home.

Security is most commonly associated with burglary as intrusion protection is a significant part of what we do as a security company. However at Source we also recognize the importance of monitored protection for fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning and medical emergencies.

So what sets Source Security apart from the competition?

With 35 years of business experience in Hamilton, Source is not only a well-established, and reputable family owned business, but one that’s committed to excellence. “We’re a local name, we’re familiar faces and we’re right around the corner from our customers. Unlike some of the big guys, we use our own employees who wear a uniform and ID badges and drive a marked Source Security truck.  We do not use contractors to install security.  Our employees are clean and professional and can often provide same-day service and quick installations,” says Marketing Manager, Myrna Bontje. “We also use state-of-the-art equipment manufactured in Canada and we understand the needs of our customers……and security never falls far from the top of their priority list, both at home and at work.

What Services does Source Security offer?

Some examples of our systems include:

Source Security also offers customers, currently with other security companies, a fantastic offer to transfer their monitoring services to Source Security. Source Cable customers can combine their cable television, Home Phone, Internet and Security services together….all on one bill and save even more on their monthly invoices!

Who can get our Services?

The wonderful thing about Source Security Services is that it's available in Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Niagara, St. Catharines. Fort Erie, Welland, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Jordan, Burlington, and Oakville.  You don't have to be a Source Cable customer in order to get security from Source!  If you’re looking to purchase a security system, give us a call at 905 574-6464!


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