Interactive Program Guide

The Interactive Program Guide (iGuide) comes with every Digital Cable and HD terminal. It provides simple navigation through our television and audio services.

PDFiGuide Quick Reference

Features including:

  • Parental Control: Allows you to restrict specific channels and rated programs.
  • Reminder: Reminds you when your favourite programs are on.
  • Favourite Channels: Allows you to program your favourite channels.



We believe the new TotalGuide offers a number of excellent features that our High Defintion customers will enjoy once they get accustom to using it.

TotalGuide features a visually enhanced user experience, with in-depth program and celebrity information, alternative guide screens and recommendations to make it easy for you to find your shows and schedule your PVR. It includes a channel guide, a mini guide, a Favourites section and lots of movie trailers. 

Here are some tips on how to customize the Total Guide to your liking:

  1. If you are having trouble reading the guide, try the Mini Guide feature. To access Mini Guide, simply press the "Okay/Select" button in the middle of the remote. Or you can organize your listings by Channel by pressing Guide on your remote twice. Navigate left and right to view other channels.
  2. Is the picture not fitting your screen properly? Check the aspect ratio by following these instructions: Select Menu/ Select menu again / Select setup/ Select cable box setup/ Select 4:3 override and Select 'stretch.'
  3. Is your OnDemand menu reading "No Results"? Access your OnDemand by selecting channel 1 or by pressing the OnDemand button on the remote. Scroll down to Classic Browse, and select. You will see your OnDemand content listed here
  4. Check out the great tips on our TotalGuide video tutorials (8) on our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/SourceCableSecurity/videos 
    • You can also access it via our website at www.sourcecable.ca by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the main website page.
  5. Our previous iGuide is still available if you want to go back to it.
    • Click on the  "Menu" button on your remote.
    • Move the arrow key left to the small house and hit OK/Select
    • Then Select "Setup"
    • Then Select "Guide Setup"
    • You'll notice TotalGuide at the top of the page and beside it (to the right) it says "On". Hit the arrow key on the left side, and it will turn it "Off".
    • You're now back to our old iGuide format.
    • To change the background colour, hit the "Last" button on your remote, which will take you back to Guide Setup page. Scroll down to "Guide Colours" and Select the backgound colour you prefer ("Blue" is very popular).
Once again, we encourage you to give the new TotalGuide a try. It's a great Guide!

If you go back to iGuide and experience difficulty, then please call our Technical Support at 905 574-7477 and we'll help you out.

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