Important news about shomi

Shomi was created for people who appreciate great TV shows and movies. It was embraced by viewers from all across the country who enjoyed it as much as we did – but ultimately, not in great enough numbers to sustain it. As a result, shomi will cease operations as of November 30, 2016 and will no longer be offering streaming services.


1. Can I still subscribe to shomi?
Unfortunately, you can no longer subscribe to shomi as it is being discontinued.

2. What will happen to my shomi subscription included with my Source Internet 100 or Internet 250 plan?
If you currently enjoy shomi with your Source Internet service, you can continue watching shomi until the service is discontinued on November 30, 2016. Source will be sending you additional information by e-mail and on your monthly invoice.

3. I currently pay a monthly fee for shomi. How does this impact my subscription?
You can continue to enjoy watching shomi until the service is discontinued on November 30, 2016. Your subscription will be discontinued on November 30, 2016 and you will no longer be charged for shomi from that date.

4. Where can I get more information?
If you have any questions, concerns or wish to modify, cancel or enhance your service, please contact us at or call 905 574-6464.


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